A Favorite Book for Babies!

peekazooWhen grandson #3 was born in 2012, my husband and I cared for him during the workday for four months. (We loved it!).

Our daughter gave us our “orders” each morning. One directive I especially loved was “Be sure and read to him.”

She is a speech and language pathologist and knows better than I do about the importance of reading to children to encourage language development and so much more.

And it’s never too early to begin.

Among our family’s books for babies, our favorite is Peek-a-Zoo, from the Little Scholastic line.

Our first grandchild loved this fabulous touch-and-feel book filled with interesting textures and flaps. He nearly wore it out!

His brother, grandson #2, loved it well also, and now the newest addition to their family, grandson #4, explores it too.

Peek-a-Zoo makes a wonderful baby gift. A friend who saw this video on Facebook wrote to say, “I know this book well! My daughter loved it, and now the boys do too. It is well worn now and lives in the truck. (And it was from you!)”

Yes, our family has been blessed with babies, and now we’re blessing babies with books!


Say&PrayFinalI’m happy to announce the title of my next book! Coming in July, look for Say & Pray Bible, from Tommy Nelson!

– Diane

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