Create Childhood Memories That Speak Jesus’ Words

Each week last month, I celebrated the release of my new book Words to Dream On with a giveaway. The winner of last week’s prize is Rita Chevarella. Congratulations!

Over on Christian Children’s Authors, author Carol McAdams Moore wrote about her memories of listening to her mom read a Bible story each night at bedtime:

I clearly remember my mother’s words. She wanted our last thoughts before sleep to be focused on the promises of God’s Word. Our bedtime stories were Bible stories. In fact, I still have one of the books my mom read to us.

Beautiful-Bible-Stories-for-Children-249x300I remember crawling into bed and hearing my mom read. I remember talking about what happened in the Bible story and how those promises and challenges applied to our own lives, not just to the lives of people in the Bible. I remember asking to see the picture that went along with the story.

I remember. There is a lot of repetition in that last paragraph – right? I think one challenge to parents is to create memories with their children that speak the words of Jesus. Reading a Bible story at bedtime is a wonderful way to do that.

I think so too.

– Diane

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