Grandparents, a Day for You—to Pray!

Whenever I start missing my grandchildren, I say a prayer for them.

This Sunday, September 9, is National Grandparents Day—and the Grandparents’ Day of Prayer, sponsored by the Christian Grandparenting Network and the Legacy Coalition.

Children and grandparents both benefit from spending time together:

A grandparent’s unconditional love and encouragement help buffer a child against the inevitable challenges and disappointments that come with growing up.

And research points to longer life for grandparents who spend time caring for their grandchildren.

But even if distance or circumstances keep you apart, don’t relinquish your most important role as a grandparent—pray!

Pray for protection from physical and emotional harm.

Pray for growth in character, discernment, and knowledge of right and wrong.

Pray for God to guide their dating, marriage, and career decisions. Pray for their future spouses.

Pray for your grandchildren’s parents to look to God to know how to love and raise these precious children for Him.

Pray for your grandchildren to know Jesus as their Savior and to desire to serve Him every day.

Want to know more about Grandparents Day of Prayer? Check out the Christian Grandparenting Network and the Legacy Coalition. Both groups have tons of resources to help you be the best grandparent you can be—this Sunday as you pray, and every day!

This little guy has grown—he started preschool today!

– Diane

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