Introducing a New Book to the “I AM” Series

No toddlers were bribed in the making of this blog post, I promise!

This adorable little guy saw my new book and needed to investigate. He noticed the bright colors and ALL THAT GLITTER on the cover right away.

He’s my youngest grandson, 20 months old, the perfect age to begin teaching little ones some of the names of God found in the Bible.

God’s names tell us who He is and what He does. I chose twelve to focus on in this book for toddlers and preschoolers. A SHORT Bible story, accompanied by a Bible verse and a short prayer, make the meaning of the name known to little ones in an age-appropriate way.

God All-Powerful
God Who Saves
The Lord Will Provide
The Lord Who Heals
Son of God
Good Shepherd
King of Kings

As children discover the meaning of each name, they begin to understand God’s character and His love for them!

The book releases June 26 but you can preorder now if you’d like. I’ve posted a sampler from the inside of the book along with links for finding local stores and online retailers here. You can download coloring pages based on the book there too!

The book is an 8×8-inch board book with a padded cover and rounded corners. And glitter on the cover—did I mention All. The. Glitter?!?!

To celebrate this new release, I’ll be doing giveaways all month long here on my blog AND at the launch party on June 30! So watch for more posts and my newsletter with all the details.

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– Diane

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