Jesus IS the Light of the World

Is what to do about Halloween a conundrum at your house?

Scanning e-mail this morning, I saw a link to a roundup of viewpoints about observing Halloween in Christian families. In one of the entries I found a reference to my little book Let’s Shine Jesus’ Light on Halloween:

Growing up, our family went from one extreme to the other on how we celebrated Halloween. With our own family to think about now, my husband and I have changed our opinions on a few things over the years, but the overall thought is the same – we want Christ to be the center of whatever we do. We participate in a fall festival at our church, but don’t go gather candy from neighbors. We do carve pumpkins, but we always do one that is based on the book Let’s Shine Jesus’ Light on Halloween and The Pumpkin Patch Parable, and focus on what the light of Jesus and what He has done for us. We can’t avoid all the decorations that we see in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but we can talk about the scary things together. As believers we can still share and be the light of Christ during a holiday that is focused on darkness.

–Jolanthe, blogger at

When I was growing up, Halloween festivities were, well, festive. Outwardly at least, Halloween wasn’t nearly as dark and violent as it is today. I’m glad my daughters are careful about how their children participate.

They focus on the fun of dressing up in wholesome costumes as part of a yearly harvest holiday; they also talk with their children about the reasons they don’t decorate with witches or ghosts. They aren’t naive about the realities of the underside of Halloween and they avoid them, confident in the greater power of the one they belong to as Christians.

That’s the spirit of Let’s Shine Jesus Light on Halloween.

Halloween is jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and candy on a dark and spooky night, but Jesus is the light of the world! 

I love this little book, and I’m thankful to hear that my words and Rusty Fletcher’s art did and do make a difference!

The board book version is out of print, but the Happy Day version is still available from and, local Christian retailers, and from Tyndale House Publishers, who recently purchased the entire Happy Day line from Standard Publishing. There’s also a coloring book version with colorful stickers.

How does your family handle Halloween, and why?
– Diane

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