Merry Christmas, All Year Long

Something about the days right after Christmas puzzles me. Have you noticed it too?

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Christmas trees and outdoor lights don’t seem to shine as bright as they did during Advent and on Christmas Day.

It’s only my perception that’s changed, of course. I think Christmas is over.

But I’m wrong.

If Jesus is Immanuel, God With Us, well then … He’s still here. He’s been here all along.

Right here with you. Right here with me.

Oh, how I want to remember this truth every hour of every day! (And how easily I can forget.)

A wise woman of the Word I know shared a prayer with the class she teaches, and I want to share it with you.

As 2017 slips away, make it your own, and let it guide you as the holidays end and the Christmas lights actually do go dark.

Because the true Light of the world never will. He’s Immanuel, and He is with us.

So Merry Christmas, all year long!

Father God, not only at Christmas but as I live out my life:

Just like the baby Jesus, may I
_________________________________________________ .

Just like the growing boy Jesus, may I
_________________________________________________ .

Just like your grown Son, may I
_________________________________________________ .

Just like your crucified Son, may I
_________________________________________________ .

Just like your risen Son, may I

_________________________________________________ .


If you’d like to share the way you personalize this prayer with me and other readers, let us know in a comment.

– Diane

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  1. Reply Cheryl Savageau

    Like the baby Jesus may I take on the vulnerability it requires to make a difference.
    Just like the growing baby Jesus may I increase in strength, power, wisdom.
    Just like your grown son may I travel light and focus on needs around me.
    Just like your crucified son may I submit to Your will.
    Just like your risen son may I encourage.

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