Quotable: On getting to know others well

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“When I was at Seattle Pacific College, we had a student body of about 500. As student-body president, I determined to learn the name of every person on that campus. And I did. I didn’t like the pastors who didn’t know my name. ‘Hey, you,’ they would say and never bother to get acquainted.

“I remember one of my teachers in the English department. I was writing a column for the student newspaper, and I began with a careless reference to the poet Chaucer. My professor called me in and said, ‘Eugene, have you ever read Chaucer?’ I said, ‘No.’ And she pulled a book off the shelf, put it in my hand, and said, ‘You start reading this and don’t come back until you’ve finished it.’ Well, I had no idea that Chaucer was such an interesting person!

“That stuck with me. Don’t think you understand someone just because you know about them.”

Eugene Peterson in an interview in Christianity Today, November 27, 2018
Eugene Peterson Wanted to Know Your Name

– Diane

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