Quotable: On the impact of your life

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“One day in glory, . . . God will pull back the curtain and, in a way far greater than George Bailey’s experience, allow us to see the lives touched through words and actions we’d long since forgotten. . . .

“So in the meantime, just live. Live well! Live as compassionately and selflessly as possible. Trust God for the results. Trust God that he will use your life day by day to benefit others and bring glory to him. One day it will all be clear.”

Dick Alexander in “Christmas at the Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life”
Christian Standard, December 2018

– Diane

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  1. Reply Lynn Pratt

    Thanks, Diane! This “trust God that he will use your life day by day” struck a chord. When my daughter and I visited our beloved Japan a couple of years ago, we were astonished at how many people remembered “little things” from decades back–things that were little to the person who had done them, but were huge (even life-changing) to those on the receiving end. It was a real lesson to “just live” for the Lord, because he IS using it all.

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