Read through the Bible, Week 1

wgrb17textReady to get started? Let’s go! You can leave questions or insights in the comments anytime throughout this week. Remember, keep your focus on getting to know God as you read.

Genesis is a book of beginnings—from the creation of the world to the entrance of sin into the world and God’s rescue plan.

Day 1    Genesis 1-3
Day 2    Genesis 4-6
Day 3    Genesis 7-9
Day 4    Genesis 10-12
Day 5    Genesis 13-15
Day 6    Genesis 16-18
Day 7    Genesis 19-21

small WomansGuideBibleThis weekly reading plan is from my book A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year, published by Bethany House, on sale throughout January at major online retailers.

– Diane

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