Read through the Bible—Week 7

wgrb17textThis is the week to trip you up—mostly spent in Leviticus! Permission granted to skim if this is your first time through. Don’t skip it entirely, though. The practices in Leviticus can sound odd or even harsh. But they illustrated to the ancient Israelites (and us) the cost of atonement and forgiveness.

Day 1     Mark 13-16
Day 2     Leviticus 1-3
Day 3     Leviticus 4-6
Day 4     Leviticus 7-9
Day 5     Leviticus 10-12
Day 6     Leviticus 13-15
Day 7     Leviticus 16-18

– Diane

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  1. Reply Lynn Lusby Pratt

    The laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy actually helped me out once . . . when I was on the jury in a murder trial! The fine points of the Bible law matched the fine points of the legal instructions we jurors were given.

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