Reading to Babies? Yes! Here’s How

CindiSPDid you know that a book is a great investment in the spiritual development of a new baby? It’s true.

It’s never too early to read to a child, even a child still in utero. Babies learn to recognize the voices they hear repeatedly in the womb.

Then, during babies’ first year, introducing them to books is the first step to creating life-long readers. And someone comfortable with books is more likely to feel at home exploring God’s book, the Bible.

I gleaned these tips for reading with babies from the post “Weaving Reading into Baby’s Day” at (It’s a great site to bookmark!)

1. Babies are easiest to engage when they first wake up in the morning or from a nap.

2. Include books among babies’ toys.

3. Keep books in your diaper bag to pull out during waiting times.

4. Sing songs and rhymes from babies’ books during bath time.

5. End the day with a book at bedtime.

You might already be doing these things, not only developing a love of reading but also impacting your babies’ love of God’s Word as they grow. And if you haven’t started reading to your little one yet … well, today is the best day to start!

baby-baby-cover-768x768How about giving your baby a book for Valentine’s Day? My Baby, Baby! board book celebrates all the things babies can do and just how much God loves every one!


– Diane

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You CAN Read the Bible in a Year … Here’s How!