The Book I Bought for August: The Fantastic Gifts of Fall

Here in Cincinnati where I live, summer weather (read that “hot and sticky”) didn’t truly arrive until last week … just as many children were starting back to school.

Generally speaking, I love fall. But fall means winter’s coming … and I don’t love winter. So I’d rather keep summer going for as long as I can. But finding this new picture book by Dandi Daley Mackall, published by B&H Kids, did help me anticipate fall a wee bit more.

And it’s a wonderful book for celebrating God’s gift of the fall season with your children. The brief rhyming text moves quickly and features a repeated refrain in the last line on each two-page spread.

Geese fly in a crooked V,
Ducks quack-quacking merrily.
You made everything I see.
Thank You, God, for autumn.
Even if your area of the country doesn’t experience trees changing color or piles of fallen leaves, children will enjoy seeing fall a different way in charming illustrations by Katherine Blackmore.
The book includes a Thanksgiving Day emphasis too:
Finally, it’s Thanksgiving Day!
Family come from miles away.
Don’t eat yet–it’s time to pray.
Thank You, God, for autumn.

At the back of the book, Parent Connection pages provide ideas, questions, and activities for expanding the give-God-thanks emphasis of the book. And related Bible verses throughout the book give families more to explore together.

Throughout 2014 I’m buying a book a month to support retailers and other authors.
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– Diane

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