The Book I Bought for February: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.

StoryMLKI wanted to honor Black History Month with this month’s book and found this 2001 board book by Johnny Ray Moore, published by Candy Cane Press (Ideals) and illustrated by Amy Wummer.

In simple words and using experiences young children understand, the book introduces King’s story and his work to end segregation.

Readers learn that Martin, a good student, attended a school in an old building that needed fixing, although the school for white students was new. His family enjoyed eating out, but some restaurants wouldn’t serve them. On the playground, he could drink only out of drinking fountains marked “Colored.”

These things made Martin angry, and when he grew up and became a preacher, he once talked to 200,000 people and told them about his dream:

Martin said,

“I have a


that my four little

children . . . will

not be judged

by the color of

their skin. . . .”

Now children can eat in any restaurant, drink from any water fountain, go to any school, and dream their dreams “just like Martin Luther King, Jr.”

It’s simplistic, but appropriate for little ones.

Moore and Wummer also teamed up on Meet Martin Luther King, Jr., a 2004 picture book for ages 4 -8.

– Diane

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