The Book I Bought for November: I Can Learn the Bible

52ScripturesThe subtitle clinched it: 52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know. I want kids to know God’s Word! So a book to help with that and with such a great contemporary look–this one had to be my choice for November.

One thing I really like about this book is that it’s a guide for parents. If you’re not sure how to go about helping your children understand or memorize Scripture, this book can help you learn how.

From the introduction:

This book is designed for parents and children to read together. Questions and fill-in-the-blank statements throughout the text will help prompt discussion. Each week’s devotion has a key verse to meditate on and commit to memory.

At the back of the book is a list of 12 different ways to memorize Scripture.

Author Holly Hawkins Shivers created the book as a adaptation of her father’s book The Joshua Code: 52 Scripture Verses Every Believer Should Know. The Bible verses in each book are the same. There’s quite a variety, and not every passage will be right for every child at a particular time. Some parental discernment is needed–does your child need to learn more about God’s love, presence, and provision, or is he ready to begin to consider choosing to follow Jesus as Savior?

But because there’s variety and because the devotional and discussion aspects are so strong, this is still a wonderful book to add to your family’s library and to use to focus on God’s Word throughout the week, all year long!

As the back cover says so well:

As parents, we want our children to learn about the Lord and know His Word. What a joy it is to watch them begin to understand God’s Word, speak it from memory, and be transformed as it becomes a part of them! It’s our job to equip them for life, to prepare them for whatever lies ahead. The words of God’s truth they hide in their hearts will be with them forever–a source of guidance, comfort, and spiritual nourishment no matter where they go.

(And yes, many of the winsome animal characters in the illustrations are rabbits–and I love rabbits!)

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– Diane

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