Thinking About the Real Thanksgiving

First grandson’s first Thanksgiving celebration, 2007

In two weeks, America celebrates Thanksgiving Day, rooted in early events in national history, events in which real people lived and died. These events and these people are worth knowing about and remembering. (More about that next week!) The first Thanksgiving meals also thanked God for His provision for our country as a nation—as a community.

Now our Thanksgiving get-togethers are more familial than communal. This holiday (just like Christmas) turns easily into a celebration of home and family more than an acknowledgment of God’s gifts to us as a nation. Home and family are among His gifts but not the extent of them.

So my prayer is that as we all gather around our Thanksgiving tables later this month, we’ll be thankful for personal blessings, yes, but national blessings too. It’s not trendy or cool these days, but it’s right.

President Lincoln thought so. Check out his Thanksgiving Day proclamation here. Maybe even print it out to read at your holiday table.

Next week: A Thanksgiving Timeline and Cast of Characters

– Diane

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