Treat Your Kids and Yourself with Compassion—with a new book by Kim Frederickson!

If you’re a parent or spend a lot of time with your grandchildren, sometimes you need a break. Sometimes the kids do too!

Kim Frederickson, MFT

Author Kim Frederickson, a wise and special woman you should know, has a secret tool for you.

What is it?


Compassion for yourself, as she wrote about in Give Yourself a Break. (And as she deals with some hard life circumstances, she practices what she preaches.) Treating yourself as you would a beloved friend, and as God relates to you.

And compassion for your kids, as she writes about in her new book, Give Your Kids a Break, a guide to compassionate parenting.

Kim Frederickson is wise because, in addition to her years as wife and mom, she’s a career marriage and family therapist. She’s special because she’s battled breast cancer and, as a result of her treatment, she now lives with pulmonary fibrosis, a terminal disease without a cure.

Unable to continue her counseling practice, Kim decided to turn to writing to get her message out to help others.

Her new book for parents contains all the wisdom and skills she wants her own children to be able to use as they parent Kim’s grandchildren someday—grandchildren Kim isn’t likely to know here on earth.

(Want to know more? View Kim’s touching video about why she wrote the book on her Facebook author page.)

We have an amazing opportunity to build a close relationship with our children from a foundation of compassion,” Kim says.

“As we respond to their imperfections with kindness, they will learn to respond to themselves with compassionate too. What a gift you are giving them for a lifetime!

“Rely on God, and turn to Him for help and support. Ask Him to give you compassion for your children, and guide you on how to parent them with grace and truth.”

Grace and truth. That’s what you’ll find on every page of Give Your Kids a Break.

Just take a look at these chapter titles. I know you’ll see at least one or two that you need help with right now!

Self-Compassion for Parents
Teaching Your Children Self-Compassion
Building Emotional Closeness with Your Children
Getting Your Kids to Listen
Healthy Boundaries: Setting Limits with Love
Parenting with Grace and Truth: Building Personal Responsibility
Helping Your Kids Cooperate
Helping Your Kids Become Emotionally Healthy
Helping Kids with Anger and Fears
Skills for Helping Kids Work through Tough Situations and Feelings
Family Skill Building: Chores, Allowance, and Family Meetings
Coaching Your Kids Through Life
There Are No Guarantees…and Encouragement

Most chapters introduce and examine the topic and then show how to live it out, first with ourselves and then with our children. Step-by-step examples for walking through specific kinds of situations and suggestions for how to talk compassionately with children are everywhere.

Give Your Kids a Break releases October 24 in Kindle and print editions. You can preorder the Kindle version now for the crazy-low price of just $2.9.! Seriously, you don’t want to pass this up!

By investing her wisdom and experience into this book, Kim has given us all an incredible gift. I’m so thankful, and I think you will be too.

Kim’s blog about self-compassion is at

Her weekly column to pulmonary fibrosis patients and their families is at






– Diane

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