Book Review & Giveaway—The Big Questions Series

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

GIVEAWAY! Thanks to The Good Book Company for providing a set of all three Big Questions books for me to give away. To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Winner will be selected at random on Saturday, June 19. I’ll contact the winner for a mailing address and announce him or her in my July newsletter. (Not subscribed yet? Click here.)

The covers are striking—photos don’t capture the gold, silver, and copper color foil art and type very well—but it was the titles that got my attention:

How Do We Know Christianity Is Really True?
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?
What Happens When We Die?

From the start, the Big Questions series for middle graders respects their questions and offers answers with respect too. In each book, the author leads readers to think through the title question by considering related questions that lead one from another, chapter by chapter.

For example, in What Happens When We Die? the chapters are

The Problem with Heaven
What Does the Bible Really Say About Earth?
What Does the Bible Really Say About Heaven?
What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell?
How Do I Get Eternal Life with God?
What Will Happen on the Day Jesus Returns?
What Will Life Be Like When Jesus Returns?
What Will We Be Like When Jesus Returns?
What About My Friends Who Don’t Know Jesus?

In Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? the author is particularly honest about the suffering in the world. Chapter by chapter, he leads readers to think about why the world is like it is, whether God cares about our suffering—and us—and points to Jesus as the answer, now and in the future. An especially helpful chapter is “How Can God Get Rid of Suffering Without Getting Rid of Us?”

The books can be read in any order, but kids with questions about the trustworthiness of the Bible might want to start with How Do We Know That Christianity Is Really True? This one puts the focus on the resurrection and acts as an apologetics primer, helping readers learn and apply basic principles for investigating the evidences for faith. (Adults may benefit from this book too!)

Throughout the series, the author (a teacher and school chaplain) connects with young readers with a conversational tone, excellent examples to explain his points, and—perhaps most important—a deep understanding of their questions.

Books in the series are available in audiobook format too, read by the author.

Highly recommended!

Big Questions series
written by Chris Morphew, illustrated by Emma Randall
published by The Good Book Company (2021)
paperbacks, 96 pages, 5.1 x 0.3 x 7.8 inches

– Diane

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  1. Reply Angela Matthews

    I love reading the “I Am” book with my children and other youth from church. It was a great guide for helping me discuss the many names of God! I lost my copy during a recent cross-country move and found this website while looking to buy another copy. Win-Win! God bless!!

    • Reply Diane Stortz

      So glad you’ve found my site, Angela, and signed up for Paper Airplane so we can stay connected! I’m thankful I AM has been a blessing for you too!

  2. Reply Pam McNutt

    My daughter is a 5 th grade teacher at a public school. She leads a Bible Study before school for 4-6 graders. These books would be a good resource for her.

  3. Reply Stephanie H.

    I’ve never heard of these books before, but I’m intrigued to learn more about them. Plus, the author Chris Morphew is new to me. His other books for young adult’s seem like a great read too!

  4. Reply Cheryl Savageau

    Just returned home after spending 3 days with middle-years grandchildren age 12. Parents anxious about exposure to toxic influences as kids begin getting phones. These resources may really help shore up faith in young and vulnerable hearts.

  5. Reply Summer V.

    I’ve never heard of this author, but I need these in my parenting tool belt 🙂 My husband and I are both credentialed ministers whose pensive 6th grader and 8-going-on-20 3rd grader keep us on our toes with their thoughtful comments and honest questions. Thank you for your review – this age group can be uniquely challenging and these books seem to provide accessible yet grounded truth in an engaging format…just like your “I Am” books 😊

    • Reply Diane Stortz

      Summer, thank you for your comments. The author lives is Australia and is new to me also, but I’m so glad we both have learned about these books now. They do sound perfect for your family and your work!

  6. Reply Natalya Lakhno

    WOW, they are amazing – such a wonderful questions!!! Can be used in Sunday School!

  7. Reply Annie Y.

    Nice covers. Look like books my daughter might like. She connects with friends online, but refuses to read ebooks. Better for her eyes. 😀

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