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10 Tips and a Book for POMs at the Holidays

Do you know any POMs—parents of missionaries? (Not sure? Are you involved with missions efforts or agencies, or sending churches? Most of the missionaries you work with do have parents!) Our family-oriented Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are coming, and they can be tough when beloved children and grandchildren are half a world or more away….

Dads, You Matter!

Did you know Father’s Day spending in the US typically runs 40 percent less than Mother’s Day spending? That could suggest that dads are less important to kids than moms. But that just isn’t true. Young, old, or in between—dads, you matter! Last month I flew to Seattle to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday! With…

New Life for Happy Day Books—Faith That Sticks!

I’m always happy when good books get a new life! Tyndale House acquired the Happy Day Books line from Standard Publishing and has done a wonderful job creating fun and entertaining sticker + activity books from 19 of the titles! Now 24 pages, not 16, these paperbacks also offer a page of large, colorful stickers…