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Children’s Books for Advent and Christmas

Books should be part of every child’s Advent and Christmas, whether you give them as gifts, stuff them in stockings, or pile them under the tree to enjoy throughout the season. Here’s a look at some of this year’s new Advent and Christmas books for the kids on your list. Snuggle Time Christmas Stories, by…

10 Tips and a Book for POMs at the Holidays

Do you know any POMs—parents of missionaries? (Not sure? Are you involved with missions efforts or agencies, or sending churches? Most of the missionaries you work with do have parents!) Our family-oriented Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are coming, and they can be tough when beloved children and grandchildren are half a world or more away….

What to Do When Christmas Just Isn’t the Same

Will you be far away from family this Christmas? Has life changed for you this year, and have those circumstances altered Christmas too? I’ve lived most of my adult life far from my parents and siblings, and we’ve almost never been together at Christmas. When my daughters were 6 and 2 (quite some time ago!),…