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Book Review—Faith Footprints With My Grandchild

With my grandchildren in two states, 750 miles apart, I don’t get to enjoy them together more than once or twice a year. But whenever they are together—even if I’m not present—the order of the day is “Get a picture of all four boys!” Well, at first there were only three. Then there were four….

Let’s Ease the Pain of Mother’s Day

This coming Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day … as all the ads and flyers and greeting card aisles have been reminding us, every day now for weeks. But the joy and gladness of the advertising and retail worlds rarely reflect reality. Mother’s Day can bring a lot of joy . . . To new…

Some of the Bravest Moms I Know

I once walked through a large hall at a missions convention, talking with convention goers waiting to hear a speaker. “Do you know any parents of missionaries?” I asked. “We want to invite them to a special event tomorrow.” Most people looked at me funny. “Parents of missionaries? I don’t think so.” But then one…