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A Thanksgiving Time Line and Cast of Characters

Brush up on your understanding of the roots of Thanksgiving Day. Does anything here surprise you? THE CAST, Major and Minor Roles King James I … he’d been persecuting the Separatists because they wanted to leave the Church of England. Separatists … not to be confused with the staid and drab Puritans, who didn’t arrive…

What Does Thanksgiving Day Truly Celebrate?

Scroll through social media in November and you’ll find an abundance of thankfulness posts. So appropriate, you might think, since we’re gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in America. But I wonder. Most of these posts express gratitude for personal blessings. Mine have too. Here’s one of my favorite Thanksgiving photos. Since 2007, I’ve…

10 Tips and a Book for POMs at the Holidays

Do you know any POMs—parents of missionaries? (Not sure? Are you involved with missions efforts or agencies, or sending churches? Most of the missionaries you work with do have parents!) Our family-oriented Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are coming, and they can be tough when beloved children and grandchildren are half a world or more away….