About Diane

Young Diane Stortz on the beach.

Shortly before our move

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Jim and Betty McIntyre,  Marines who met on base at Parris Island after WWII. Our family moved to Southern California when I was four, where my parents bought a house in a new Anaheim subdivision surrounded by orange groves.

Disneyland opened a year or two later, just ten minutes away from us. During the summer, we watched the fireworks each night at 9 from our backyard.

I’ve been married to my husband, Ed, a retired juvenile court probation officer, for 43 years. We have two married daughters and five young grandchildren—all boys!

When I’m not writing or having fun with the grandboys, I like to walk, read, and try new healthy recipes. Sometimes I even shoot hoops with the basketball and backboard I received for one of my “big” birthdays!

My first job after college was to develop an all-new Sunday school curriculum for two- and three-year-olds. I discovered I liked combining my writing abilities with opening up God’s Word.

I still do!

Future Hope


On one of my “big” birthdays

In the Bible, God makes so many precious promises—and all of them are summed up in Jesus, who died and rose again to free us from sin and give us hope of a new forever life with Him. Hope that is focused on the future yet starts now and impacts our lives every day.

I’ve been a believer since I was a child. But my life began to change in needed ways when I first began to read the Bible—the whole Bible—for myself in January 2000. I was invited to join a group of women to read through the Bible in a year and meet weekly to discuss what we had read.

All through 2000, we read. When 2001 arrived, we began again. And again in 2002. As more women joined us, two new groups began. For more than a decade, we read.

Reading the Word to get to know God changes lives because God changes lives!

That’s why I want children (and their moms and dads) to know God’s Word—so they can know God.

That’s why I do what I do—making His wonders known to the next generation!