Closing the Door

Ecclesiastes 3 is clear: there are times for both beginnings and endings. My career in Christian publishing began more than 50 years ago, and I’ve been wondering for a while if I should continue or close the door.

I’ve gone back and forth about it in my heart and with the Lord, and in the past couple months the answer came, and with it, peace.

Author Ann Spangler wrote recently about her own need to put her Substack, Surfing the Culture, on hiatus. She said:

“I’m … old enough to realize I have less stamina than previously. Things have shifted. These days I find myself longing for a little more white space—what publishers call the blank space on a page that makes for easier reading.

“I long for more hours in which to be less productive and more reflective. I would also love more space to simply be available for those who need me, like family members and friends.”

Ann expressed exactly how I feel.

I’m grateful for all I’ve experienced as an editor and author through the years. I’m especially grateful for everyone I’ve learned from and everyone who’s helped promote my books in any way at all. I appreciate you!

A special thank-you to all who’ve sent me photos of your children or grandchildren with one of my books. I cherish each of those pics!

My prayer for all of you is that you will remain faithful to the Lord and continue teaching the children in your life about God’s wonders and His unswerving love for them.

– Diane

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  1. Reply Matthew

    Well done good and faithful servant! Diane I have read one of your devotionals to my daughter nearly every day of her 7 year old life. I’m positive your work will impact generations for the gospel, as I know it has already deeply impacted my family. May the reflection of your “white space” be deep, and the rest from your work be energizing! Enjoy your retirement!

    Grace and Peace,


  2. Reply Leah Carlson

    Diane – I have enjoyed A Woman’s Guide to reading the Bible in a Year. I have been blessed by it and have given it as gifts. I have many notes in my copy and have used it to read through the Bible twice. Seeing my notes from the previous time has been helpful to see how my knowledge of God has grown. Bless you in your retirement. Thank you for your service to God!

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