Book Review—The Things God Made

Children curious about world who love learning (that’s all of them, really) will love this stunning new picture book. The title and subtitle describe it well—The Things God Made: Explore God’s Creation through the Bible, Science, and Art.

That’s exactly what author and illustration Andy McGuire invites readers to do with his unique presentation of the creation story.

He combines the biblical account in Genesis 1, noteworthy science facts kids will enjoy, and amazingly realistic artwork that bursts off the pages—all wrapped up in easy to understand text.

Callouts on each spread provide additional science facts about God’s creation: land and sea, plants and animals, the heavens above us and the deepest ocean life below.

Each callout includes a picture from another spread in the book for children to seek and find. There’s also a list of birds and animals for children to search and find in the final illustration.

Author’s notes at the back of the book and a bibliography give parents and caregivers additional scientific information and ideas to consider and talk about with their children.

The Things God Made avoids mention of the days of creation and the length of creation, but this doesn’t detract from its strong biblical foundation (or get in the way of the invitation to children to explore what God has made).

I think you’ll love this beautiful 9×12, jacketed hardcover book as much as I do!

– Diane

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