For Parents and Grandparents

Encountering God’s Heart for You

365 Devotions from Genesis Through Revelation

For any woman who wants to get into the Word, whether she is new to the Bible or wants to rediscover portions of the Word again.

Encountering God’s Heart for You contains 365 short daily devotions that take women through the Bible, from beginning to end, with devotions from all 66 books of the Bible. Of course it doesn’t touch on every chapter or verse of the Bible, but it does provide a clear picture of the Bible’s whole story.

Encounter God—who He is, what He does, how He loves—and you’ll not only discover God’s heart for you but also discover and develop your own heart of love for Him.

Published by Bethany House

Reader Reviews

I am finding Encountering God’s Heart for You to be one of the most inspiring devotionals I have read in quite a while. Ms. Stortz writes authentically with genuine heart, humility, and knowledge. Her deep love of God is certainly evident as she thoughtfully focuses on God’s great love as revealed throughout all the books of the Bible. —CelerateLit reviewer

Diane Stortz is gifted and that is clearly seen by the reading of her well-thought-out devotions that minister to a person’s spirit in a way that is compassionate, true to the Scriptures, and reminds us that God does love His children. These heartfelt devotions are a journey through the Bible that you can choose to read in short spurts for encouragement or delve deeper by referring to Scripture verses associated with each devotional. I have ear-marked my favorites and I’m sure you will want to do the same. —Jill Nutter

Every woman on my Christmas list will find a copy in their stocking this year! —Cheryl Savageau

A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year

A Life-Changing Journey into the Heart of God

You want to read the Bible, but you’re afraid you won’t understand it.

You’ve tried to read through the Bible before, but you gave up in the middle of Leviticus.

You’re not sure about the Christian faith, but you’re looking for answers.

You’ve been a Christian for many years, but you’ve never read some parts of the Bible.

You want to know what God says in the Bible, but you don’t have a lot of time.

You want to improve your life, but you’re not sure God can do anything to help.

Do any of these descriptions apply to you?

God put the Bible together for you. He wants you to read it, and you can! A little help to get you started is all you need.

This book includes simple and easy-to-use week-by-week reading guides, reference material to enrich your experience, and stories of encouragement from women who have enjoyed this life-changing practice.

Use it on your own, with a friend, or—the best way—with a group.

Read my guest post on the blog of author Jillian Kent, and learn how the book began.

Published by Bethany House


“I’ve been a pastor for almost four decades and this is without question the best Bible reading plan I’ve run across.”Mark Atteberry, pastor and author, The Samson Syndrome and The Solomon Seduction

“A delightfully engaging and very helpful guide. I know many women who have been longing for a book just like this!”Laurie Aker, founder, Thistlebend Ministries, Louisville, Kentucky

“Takes the concept of reading the Bible in a year to a whole new level.”Dineen Miller, author, Winning Him Without Words and The Soul Saver

Reader Reviews

“If you are looking to read through the Bible and want a guide to help you along the way, this is a great resource. I plan to start reading through the Bible in a year starting today.” —review on

“I will be buying more copies to give to friends!” —review on

Parents of Missionaries

How to Thrive and Stay Connected When Your Children and Grandchildren Serve Cross-Culturally

Co-authored with Cheryl Savageau, EdD, Parents of Missionaries combines a counselor’s professional insight and a parent’s personal journey, plus ideas and stories from dozens of missionaries and POMs—a valuable tool for missions mobilizers and educators as well as parents and families.

Parents of missionaries often feel isolated and experience unresolved grief, regardless of the positive emotions they also feel toward their children’s work. This book explains why and what to do about it.

It is possible to stay connected with your missionary and your grandchildren in meaningful ways, and to build and sustain those relationships despite the miles that separate. Not only can you survive as a POM—you can thrive.


  1. This Isn’t Easy
    God’s call to parents of missionaries


  1. Something Must Be Wrong with Me
    The experience of loss
  2. What’s My Role?
    Relating to adult children
  3. Do I Know You?
    The challenge of the empty-nest marriage
  4. Almost More Than I Can Take
    Coping with complex emotions


  1. Saying Good-Bye Well
    Positive preparations
  2. One More Hug
    Sane send-offs
  3. Different Isn’t Always Wrong
    Understanding missionary life
  4. Together Again
    Satisfying furloughs


  1. A Piece of Myself
    Building bridges to grandchildren far away
  2. Happy Holidays?
    Coping with holiday stress
  3. High-Tech and No-Tech Ways to Stay Close
    Connecting through mail and media
  4. The World Is My Neighborhood
    Travel to the field


  1. Finding and Giving Help
    From surviving to thriving

Published by InterVarsity Press

Free tip sheets for parents of missionaries

Click here to download eight free tip sheets for parents of missionaries:

  1. Top Ten Tips for Parents of Missionaries
  2. Ten Steps to Starting a Local POM Group
  3. Good POM Relationships with Adult Children
  4. POMs Can Grandparent Great Across the Miles!
  5. Ten Tips for Getting Through the Holidays as a POM
  6. How to Pray for Parents of Missionaries
  7. How to Understand and Help Your Parent (especially for recruits)
  8. How Churches and Agencies Can Do POM Care


“Will help every missionary-sending family navigate this challenging and potential-packed journey.”Steve Richardson, president, Pioneers-USA

“Parents of missionaries often miss their children and grandchildren and experience a variety of emotions: fear, anger, pride, loneliness, and perhaps even bitterness toward God. The authors are uniquely qualified to address these important but often neglected topics, providing tangible steps toward acceptance and adjustment.”Doug Priest, executive director, CMF International

“POMs cannot help but be encouraged after reading this book. We can’t wait to share it with every one of our POMs.”Steve and Becky Overlin, Pioneer Bible Translators Missionary Care Department

“This is a must-read. I know of no other book that so expertly addresses the needs of parents of missionaries at so many levels.”Sherrie Johnson, coordinator of Family Ministries, EFCA ReachGlobal

Reader Reviews

“Thanks so much for writing your book. It is speaking volumes to me, even as I struggle to read through my tears.” —e-mail from a reader

“It is our bedside companion to not only direct our hearts, prayers, and actions, but offers us perspective for ourselves and our view of our children’s work and their needs overseas. It is balanced, even including sensitivity to parents who are not Christian who have said goodbye to kids who are off to serve for the sake of their faith. I have ordered multiple copies to give as a gift to fellow POMs.” —review on

“Read the whole book to learn how to better understand your loss and grief, how to seek out and receive help, from God and from others, and how to be the best support and teammate for your family members overseas. There can be joy even in the midst of grieving.”—Craig Thompson,