The Sweetest Story Bible

Sweet Thoughts and Sweet Words for Little Girls

Sweet things surround a little girl’s life: hearts and flowers, kittens and puppies, umbrellas and tea parties, kisses and hugs. But the sweetest thing of all is God’s love.

The Sweetest Story Bible includes 40 carefully selected Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation that show your little girl how much God loves His people—and her! A Sweet Thought sums up each story, and Sweet Words—short Bible verses—connect your little girl’s life even more to God’s wonderful Word.

More than 200,000 copies in all editions have been sold.

Illustrated by Sheila Bailey
Published by Zonderkidz

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Brave Queen Esther

Born in a Stable

– Diane

Reader Reviews

“I was skeptical about this book, as glitter-gilded and rainbow-infused as it is. I was afraid it would be over-the-top with the “sugar and spice and everything nice” and low on substance. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It is a good, sturdy Bible storybook that just happens to be decorated to match the aesthetic preferences of the average four-year-old girl. And I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that the book spotlights many important women in the Bible who aren’t always given their due attention, including women from Acts and the Epistles! My daughters love hearing the stories, and of course have special affection for the rosy illustrations. I am glad I chose to review this book as they will get many hours of joy and enrichment from it.” —review on

“I am often suspicious when it comes to books like these. This time, I was quite pleased. The “Bible” (of course, it is really Bible stories with Scripture) is nicely illustrated and seems soundly written. . . . After each story there is a verse to think on and a little saying that sums up the lesson learned. Girls will like this book as it is pink and sparkly. I thought they did a nice job and it is aptly described as a sweet book. It would make a lovely gift for a little girl to start sowing the seed of the Word of God in her heart that will lead her to salvation!” —review on

– Diane