Encountering God’s Heart for You

365 Devotions from Genesis Through Revelation

For any woman who wants to get into the Word, whether she is new to the Bible or wants to rediscover portions of the Word again.

Encountering God’s Heart for You contains 365 short daily devotions that take women through the Bible, from beginning to end, with devotions from all 66 books of the Bible. Of course it doesn’t touch on every chapter or verse of the Bible, but it does provide a clear picture of the Bible’s whole story.

Encounter God—who He is, what He does, how He loves—and you’ll not only discover God’s heart for you but also discover and develop your own heart of love for Him.

Published by Bethany House

– Diane

Reader Reviews

I am finding Encountering God’s Heart for You to be one of the most inspiring devotionals I have read in quite a while. Ms. Stortz writes authentically with genuine heart, humility, and knowledge. Her deep love of God is certainly evident as she thoughtfully focuses on God’s great love as revealed throughout all the books of the Bible. —CelerateLit reviewer

Diane Stortz is gifted and that is clearly seen by the reading of her well-thought-out devotions that minister to a person’s spirit in a way that is compassionate, true to the Scriptures, and reminds us that God does love His children. These heartfelt devotions are a journey through the Bible that you can choose to read in short spurts for encouragement or delve deeper by referring to Scripture verses associated with each devotional. I have ear-marked my favorites and I’m sure you will want to do the same. —Jill Nutter

Every woman on my Christmas list will find a copy in their stocking this year! —Cheryl Savageau

– Diane