A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year

A Life-Changing Journey into the Heart of God

You want to read the Bible, but you’re afraid you won’t understand it.

You’ve tried to read through the Bible before, but you gave up in the middle of Leviticus.

You’re not sure about the Christian faith, but you’re looking for answers.

You’ve been a Christian for many years, but you’ve never read some parts of the Bible.

You want to know what God says in the Bible, but you don’t have a lot of time.

You want to improve your life, but you’re not sure God can do anything to help.

Do any of these descriptions apply to you?

God put the Bible together for you. He wants you to read it, and you can! A little help to get you started is all you need.

This book includes simple and easy-to-use week-by-week reading guides, reference material to enrich your experience, and stories of encouragement from women who have enjoyed this life-changing practice.

Use it on your own, with a friend, or—the best way—with a group.

Read my guest post on the blog of author Jillian Kent, and learn how the book began.

Published by Bethany House

– Diane


“I’ve been a pastor for almost four decades and this is without question the best Bible reading plan I’ve run across.”Mark Atteberry, pastor and author, The Samson Syndrome and The Solomon Seduction

“A delightfully engaging and very helpful guide. I know many women who have been longing for a book just like this!”Laurie Aker, founder, Thistlebend Ministries, Louisville, Kentucky

“Takes the concept of reading the Bible in a year to a whole new level.”Dineen Miller, author, Winning Him Without Words and The Soul Saver

– Diane

Reader Reviews

“If you are looking to read through the Bible and want a guide to help you along the way, this is a great resource. I plan to start reading through the Bible in a year starting today.” —review on CBD.com

“I will be buying more copies to give to friends!” —review on CBD.com

– Diane