Book Review—I Love Me!

The text is simple and never mentions God, but this new picture book has lots to say about our appreciation of God’s gift of our bodies and the diversity within the human race.

I Love Me!
written by LaRonda Gardner Middlemiss, illustrated by Beth Hughes

published by Beaming Books (2020)
hardcover picture book, 32 pages, 8 x 0.5 x 8 inches

I think most young children are thrilled with their physical bodies as they grow and discover each new ability and skill. At some point, however, comparison creeps in. Kids may wonder why they don’t look like someone else or why they can’t do what some others do.

This new picture book can be a tool in the toolbox for teaching children to celebrate who they are before the comparison trap sets in—and, equally if not more important, to see and celebrate who others are too.

Illustrations throughout feature kids of different ethnicities, abilities, physical features, and body types. 

Although the text focuses mainly on physical traits, the illustrations show children in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, again, underscoring differences and similarities and providing plenty to talk about.

In a home, church, or school setting, I Love Me will help children learn about diversity and community, body parts and unique traits. Christian parents and teachers will want to add their own comments about the God who made us all and who values each one so very much, and that can easily be done as you walk through this book together with any child or group of children.

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