Book Review—Two Books for Baby Showers

Spring and early summer often bring a round of baby showers, right? So here are two completely different books that will make good gifts or books-in-place-of-a-card.

One of the books almost makes a sweet Mother’s Day gift to a new or soon-to-be mom.

And, they’re both by the same author!

The Wonder That Is You
written by Glenys Nellist, illustrated by Aurelie Blanz
published by Zonderkidz (2020)
padded cover board book, 28 pages, 8.2 x 0.8 x 8.2 inches

Reminiscent of Nancy Tillman’s On the Night You Were Born, this recently released board book celebrates the unique wonder of every mother’s child. Both books showcase the ways all of creation might rejoice at the birth of a new and special little one.

Unlike Tillman’s classic, however, The Wonder That Is You adds a new layer—a mother’s joy and gladness over the birth of her child. The feelings unfold in rhyme as the mother tells her story.

It felt as if the world stood still
The day my dream came true,
And all creation paused to see
The wonder that is you.

The Wonder That Is You was first released in 2019 as a jacketed hardcover picture book with a different illustration on the cover. That format includes a presentation page, which is nice when you’re giving a book as a gift. It also might be more “gifty” if you’re giving the book to someone for Mother’s Day.

As a baby shower gift, I prefer the new board book version. Board books say “young child,” and I think the board book cover has more child appeal.

Author Glenys Nellist has another board book out with a totally different look and tone that also could make a good baby gift—and one that baby will grow into rather quickly as a toddler.

It might also be a good gift for a young preschooler about to become a big brother or sister!

Good News! God Made Me!
written by Glenys Nellist, illustrated by Lizzie Walklie
published by Discovery House (2019)
board book, 16 pages, 7 x 0.6 x 7 inches

Little ones can almost bounce along right through the pages of this lively book, and as they do they’ll be learning about their wonderful Creator and His love and care.

Who made my arms to hug my mom
or reach into the sky?
Who gave me hands to wave hello
or blow a kiss goodbye?

I especially like the illustrations in this one, with a mix of ages, skin colors, and abilities. The family presented in the book is even a mix!

About These Reviews and Recommendations

My career as a children’s book editor, acquisitions editor, and editorial director greatly influences my response to books. I have high standards for text, illustration, book design, and the purpose of a book.

I understand too that parents, grandparents, and others who buy books want and need good value in the books you choose. Your book budget is not unlimited.

I’m not writing these reviews as hype or promotion for fellow author’s books. I do care about helping authors—after all, I am one. I understand the effort authors pour into every book and the hopes they have for each one. The books I recommend, however, I’m choosing because of the merit I see in the book, no other reason.

I want to point you to the best books more than I want to point out books I don’t like, so I won’t be writing negative reviews. If I can’t support a book, I just won’t write about it. At times, however, I may note details or features I would have changed in a book I otherwise recommend. This is to help you make your own decisions about what books are right for your family.

– Diane

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