Simply Christmas—A Busy Mom’s Guide to Reclaiming the Peace of the Holidays

Hoping not to stress out this holiday season? Looking for ways your children can experience Christmas wonder that doesn’t depend on presents under the tree?

This week I’m reviewing three new books to use during Advent to help moms and kids find that often elusive Christmas peace we all want.

Let’s start with Simply Christmas by Tama Fortner (Ink & Willow). With 31 meditations about the first Christmas, this could be just another Christmas devotional—but it’s not! This little gift book offers so much more.

Written for busy moms with busy families, everything about Simply Christmas says “Relax” and “No pressure”: the book’s small size, the quick-to-read encouraging devotions, the author’s own proven tips for calmer, more joyful celebrations, and even the colorful but not fussy pages. Check out the colorful sampler here.

Tips fall under the heading “Reclaiming Christmas” and each relates to the devotion it accompanies. You’ll find ideas for decorating, treats to share, easy hospitality, holiday travel, starting new traditions, letting go of traditions the kids no longer enjoy, and finding time for you.

Every page of Simply Christmas encourages moms (of any age, really) to find ways to truly enjoy Christmas and time with the Savior whose birth we celebrate. Gift this lovely book to friends ahead of the holiday rush this year—and don’t forget to buy a copy for yourself!

Simply Christmas: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Reclaiming the Peace of the Holidays
written by Tama Fortner
published by Ink & Willow
hardcover, 128 pages

– Diane

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