Book Review—The Advent Storybook

If you want your children to understand why we celebrate Christmas, help them understand Advent first.

Advent, the 40-day period leading up to Christmas, is a season of watching and waiting for what Christmas delivers—the arrival of the Savior.

In 25 short stories with traditional artwork, this picture storybook for use during Advent shows children and families why Jesus came and why He is the reason for rejoicing. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—The Epic Bible

Suitably sophisticated, this new retelling of the biblical story as a graphic novel serves its subject matter and its intended audience—teens and young adults—well, epically! Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Dive In! Devotions for Kids

I firmly believe that the best way to get to know God is by reading His Word, so this new devotional had me on board with one look at the cover:

“Go deep with God, by understanding His Word.”

And with the very first devotion:

“This book will help you get to know God by reading the Bible. Like learning any good thing—playing an instrument or a sport, for example—that takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged if it’s hard at first. Dive in and read God’s story! The main character loves you and He can’t wait to spend time with you.”

Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—The Action Bible

Years ago, one of the ministers at my church regularly suggested that new believers find a good children’s Bible storybook. He wanted them to read it through as background before beginning regular reading and study of Bible itself.

My minister friend usually recommended Egermeier’s Bible Story Book, a classic reissued in 1969 with painterly, realistic illustrations. With its graphic-novel format, The Action Bible doesn’t fit that description at all, but it definitely could achieve the same purpose.

And graphic-novel fans—as well as readers curious about presenting the Bible this way—are likely to love it. Kids and adults. I was intrigued and kept wanting to read more. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Brave Heroes and Bold Defenders

When Courageous World Changers: 50 True Stories of Daring Women of God came out earlier this year (see my review here), you knew there had to be a follow-up for boys, right? And here it is.

Spanning the globe and 800 years of history, this new book presents the inspirational stories of “men of true grit” (as the introduction says) who are heroes of the Christian faith. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—God Gave Us the Bible

This book of Bible stories begins with Mama Bear inviting her Little Cub and his sleepover friends to come into the house so she can share the best story ever with them—the story of the Bible.

I know, I know … that’s a strange opening for a Bible storybook. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Nothing

Growing up can be filled with missteps—children aren’t immune from bad choices and wrongdoing, and circumstances out of their control can cause them suffering. So the truth of Romans 8:38-39 is an important concept kids need to hide in their hearts.

This picture book is a good way to help them do it. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Dinosaur Devotions

Any kid, boy or girl, who loves dinosaurs will find this devotional hard to resist. And while learning about 75 different dinosaurs, they’ll also explore 75 different biblical concepts about living as a child of God. Read More…

– Diane