Book Review—Brave Heroes and Bold Defenders

When Courageous World Changers: 50 True Stories of Daring Women of God came out earlier this year (see my review here), you knew there had to be a follow-up for boys, right? And here it is.

Spanning the globe and 800 years of history, this new book presents the inspirational stories of “men of true grit” (as the introduction says) who are heroes of the Christian faith. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—God Gave Us the Bible

This book of Bible stories begins with Mama Bear inviting her Little Cub and his sleepover friends to come into the house so she can share the best story ever with them—the story of the Bible.

I know, I know … that’s a strange opening for a Bible storybook. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Nothing

Growing up can be filled with missteps—children aren’t immune from bad choices and wrongdoing, and circumstances out of their control can cause them suffering. So the truth of Romans 8:38-39 is an important concept kids need to hide in their hearts.

This picture book is a good way to help them do it. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Dinosaur Devotions

Any kid, boy or girl, who loves dinosaurs will find this devotional hard to resist. And while learning about 75 different dinosaurs, they’ll also explore 75 different biblical concepts about living as a child of God. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

What’s your greatest hope for your children and grandchildren? That they will love and follow Jesus all their lives, of course. This bedtime- or anytime-read plants that prayer in young hearts in quite a winsome way.

The look and feel of this story in rhyme has an obvious connection to Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. But the smaller size (7 X 9 inches, like an early reader) makes it perfect for the preK through early elementary crowd. Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—Just in Case You Ever Wonder

Max Lucado’s classic text for every child (and parents too) got an endearing visual update last year, and may have opened up a whole new group of readers—parents of adult kids (like me) who love those kids as fiercely as we did when they were little.

Now the narrator is a big lovable bear (it could be a mama or a papa bear, making the story one that either parent can read aloud), but the real star of the show is the sweet teddy bear child.

And also all his teddy bear friends! Read More…

– Diane

Book Review—You See Me, God

Christian publishing for children needs more books written by people of color, illustrated by people of color, and depicting people of color. This new picture book is all three.

I could be happy to see this new picture book for that reason alone.

But I have other reasons as well! Read More…

– Diane

About My Book Reviews and Recommendations

My career as a children’s book editor, acquisitions editor, and editorial director greatly influences my response to books. I have high standards for text, illustration, book design, and the purpose of a book.

I understand too that parents, grandparents, and others who buy books want and need good value in the books you choose. Your book budget is not unlimited.

I’m not writing these reviews as hype or promotion for fellow author’s books. I do care about helping authors—after all, I am one. I understand the effort authors pour into every book and the hopes they have for each one.

The books I recommend, however, I’m choosing because of the merit I see in the book, no other reason.

I want to point you to the best books more than I want to point out books I don’t like, so I won’t be writing negative reviews. If I can’t support a book, I just won’t write about it.

At times, however, I may note details or features I would have changed in a book I otherwise recommend. This is to help you make your own decisions about what books are right for your family.

Making Him known to the next generation,

– Diane

Book Review—Looking for the Lost Sheep

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day thought ordinary “sinners” were beneath them and definitely not worth caring about. Ah, but God loves every single one, and so Jesus told the story we know as the parable of the lost sheep.

Looking for the Lost Sheep
illustrated by Tim Ludwig, text from Luke 15:1-7 (NIV)
published by Our Daily Bread for Kids (August 2020)
hardcover picture book, 32 pages, 9 x 9.2 inches

In this book, warm illustrations unfold most of the story, letting the text from the New International Version of the Bible lead the way.

Some illustrations have no text at all but amplify the words that have come just before. I especially like the illustrations of the snarling wolf about to pounce on the defenseless little lamb, and those of the shepherd fighting it off and chasing the wolf away. All are memorable images representing how Jesus rescues us.

Children will identify with the shepherd’s desire to find the lost sheep, his intense search, and his joy when the sheep is found and safely back where it belongs—a good foundation for learning to understand God’s intense love for them. A parent letter at the back of the book provides several good questions for discussing the parable with children.

About My Reviews and Recommendations

Making Him known to the next generation,

– Diane