Book Review—Different Like Me

We’re ALL different. That’s the message of this new picture book.
We’re ALL alike. That’s the message of this new picture book too.

Different Like Me
written by Xochitl Dixon, illustrated by Bonnie Lui
published by Our Daily Bread for Kids (August 2020)
hardcover picture book, 32 pages, 9 x 9 inches

Cultural diversity, check. Physical disabilities, check. Communication differences, check.
But the kids in Different Like Me are also very much alike.

I love for children from different ethnic backgrounds to be able to see themselves in picture books. The bright, exuberant illustrations in this book do that and pair well with the whimsical text.

An opening refrain about differences changes as the diverse group of children works together to wrangle a huge fish balloon to its surprising—and perfect—destination:

“I look all around me, and what do I see?
So many kids, not so different from me.” 

It’s what’s inside, our feelings, that make us more alike than different.

And as the book ends, the refrain changes again:

“I look all around me, and what do I see?
God made every kid different …
and special, like me!” 

Because there’s more that unites us.  We’re all made by God, in His image.

Scriptures from Genesis 1 and Psalm 139 open and close the book, like treasured bookends, to make this point. A page for parents and teachers provides good questions for talking with children about accepting, appreciating, and celebrating differences.

The book’s dedication includes “anyone who’s ever felt weird, out of place, or misunderstood.” That’s just about everyone! Different Like Me helps children appreciate everyone’s differences and assures them that we all have a special place in the world.

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    Thanks for making time to read and review Different Like Me. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and your help spreading the word about Different Like Me. I’m praying for you and am grateful for your partnership in sharing the Gospel.

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