Book Review—Dinosaur Devotions

Any kid, boy or girl, who loves dinosaurs will find this devotional hard to resist. And while learning about 75 different dinosaurs, they’ll also explore 75 different biblical concepts about living as a child of God.

Each devotion includes pronunciation of the dinosaur’s name (try Micropachycephalosaurus without a guide!), Dino Stats (about the creature’s family, size, weight, and diet), and a fun Did You Know fact.

Focused on the biblical concept are Bible Excavation (a Bible verse), Digging Deeper (a question or two for expanding the devotion’s Bible concept), and Jurassic Journaling (kid-sized writing prompts).

Nicely conversational in tone, each devotion transitions easily from dinosaur facts to what the Bible has to say about kid issues like jealousy, temptation, and speaking kindly, plus biblical teaching about ideas like the true source of knowledge, God’s constant presence, and learning to pray.

The book avoids controversy; there’s no mention of how long ago dinosaurs lived or how they became extinct.

The very last devotion includes an invitation to make Jesus Lord by praying a suggested prayer. If your faith tradition includes something more or different, you’ll want to amplify this one.

Highly recommended. For ages 9-12 to read on their own but will interest younger children too. Families also could use this and the suggested questions and activities for a family devotional time.

Dinosaur Devotions: 75 Dino Discoveries, Bible Truths, Fun Facts, and More!
written by Michelle Medlock Adams
illustrated by Denise Turu
published by Tommy Nelson (2018)
hardcover, 160 pages,  6.3 x 0.8 x 8.2 inches

– Diane

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