Book Review—Dive In! Devotions for Kids

I firmly believe that the best way to get to know God is by reading His Word, so this new devotional had me on board with one look at the cover:

“Go deep with God, by understanding His Word.”

And with the very first devotion:

“This book will help you get to know God by reading the Bible. Like learning any good thing—playing an instrument or a sport, for example—that takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged if it’s hard at first. Dive in and read God’s story! The main character loves you and He can’t wait to spend time with you.”

This substantive new devotional for middle graders addresses kids in their language, using examples from their lives, to encourage them to “dive deep” into the Bible for themselves.

The author’s explanations of important—and sometimes difficult—biblical concepts and teachings throughout the 101 devotions can’t help but make an impact.

The trinity, sin, faith, guidance, forgiveness, creation, hard circumstances—these are just a few of the topics kids will explore in this devotional, always while being encouraged to act with trust and prayer on what they’re learning.

And despite its substance, the book is also simple. The devotions are short. The illustrations are simple graphics, the same throughout the book.

Each devotion also includes a simple Dive Deeper section, with two bullet points—sometimes a question or reference for more thought or study, sometimes an amazing fact about our world, and sometimes a reminder or tip to help kids feel confident using their Bibles.

This one’s a win, for sure.

Dive In! Devotions for Kids (releases December 1, 2020)
written by A.L. Rogers
published by Barbour Publishing/Shiloh Kidz
paperback, 208 pages, 5 x 7 inches

Making God’s wonders known to the next generation,

– Diane

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