Free Printable Charts and Matching Game for I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God

Printable5A quick trip to visit the out-of-town grandboys = time to use the I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God free printables!

The coloring pages occupied Asher while Solomon and I organized the I AM matching game.

ColoringSol cut out the squares with the meanings of all forty names in the book.

Printable1Then he chose a square, read the meaning, and hunted for the name matching that description on the printable charts. I explained that one chart is Old Testament names and one is New Testament.

It took some thought …

Printable3When we made a match, we put the cutout square on top of the name on the chart.

Printable4We talked about why I AM is a name for God and for Jesus, looked up some of the stories in the book for clues, learned some things, and had fun! We only got halfway through the names before supper, so we’ll have to get in another session before it’s time for G and Bopba to return home!

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– Diane

5 Responses to “Free Printable Charts and Matching Game for I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God”

  1. Reply Donna Farrell

    I bought this lovely book at our school’s book fair. I plan to send it to my own two grandsons, who live in East Asia with their parents. However, I am first enjoying the reading through it myself! Being reminded about the meanings of the names of God is a comfort and encouragement! Now is wish I had bought TWO – one to keep and use in my classroom and one to send to my GRAND boys!

    • Reply Diane Stortz

      Dear Donna, you have no idea how much your comment here has encouraged me! Thank you for posting it. I’m so glad you are enjoying the book, and pray that it will bless your grandboys too! –Diane

  2. Reply Desiree

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