How to Make Memory Verses Magnetic

Sometimes we need a little help to get verses to stick with us.

How about using magnets?

Last week I wrote “Let the Children Come,” about how much I enjoyed helping my five-year-old grandson memorize Genesis 1:1 and Psalm 106:1 while I was visiting.

We Skyped over the weekend. He still has the first verse down. He needed a little prompting to remember parts of the second. But he was proud to be able to repeat them both.

He’s learning to read. So I found some colorful card stock and printed out the verses in big type with extra spaces between the words. I cut out the strips and stuck them to a long magnetic strip with adhesive backing. Then I cut the words apart.

I am not crafty, but this was easy!

When Sol was a toddler, he loved the colorful ABCs we stuck to the fridge. I think he’ll have fun arranging his verses and love these magnetic words even more.

And I pray that the truths in the verses will stick in his heart as the words stick on the fridge.

So now I must go put his very own magnetic verses in the mail to him!

(And honestly, to help me learn a verse that tends to trip me up, I just might try this myself.)

– Diane

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  1. Reply joyceandnorm

    This is great! If I was a little more patient, I would make these, but I have an app on my phone that does it for me. :p hehe I think I will make this for my 3yo soon though. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this idea.

    • Reply Diane Stortz

      I know!!

      When I worked in publishing, I always thought a book of magnetic words to use to form prayers or verses would be fun … the idea never quite went away. There used to be little tins of words you could buy on various themes too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Reply Diane Stortz

      Thanks, Janice. I mailed the pieces to my grandson yesterday. Can’t wait for him to get them and to find out how he likes it!

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