“Thinking Bigger” at the Ark Encounter

Photo, Ark Encounter

“Think Bigger.” Last month I obeyed the ads and finally was able to visit the Ark Encounter theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky.

At the center of the park, of course, is a life-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible.

And it is BIG.


According to the Ark Encounter website, the ark is “the largest timber frame structure in the world, built from standing dead timber.”

I had anticipated this visit a long time, and I expected the ark to overwhelm me at first sighting. But it didn’t.

My husband in front of the ark

Yes, it is impressive. And did I say it’s BIG? The closer you get, the more you know that.

But something other than size impressed me even more.

The “doableness” of the ark.

Building it, stocking it, filling it, living in it—all doable! The three decks inside show you how.

Photo, Ark Encounter

From how the animals were housed, to living quarters for Noah and his family, even to how waste could have been disposed of—doable.

I’ve always believed it. But now I can visualize it. And I was reminded of this verse in 2 Corinthians:

“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ.”  2 Cor 1:20 NIV

One of my favorite exhibits inside the Ark Encounter ark is Noah talking to visitors and answering questions. He’s animatronic, not an actor, but so realistic that was hard to remember.

Another area reminds visitors that God himself is the one who shut the door to the ark after everyone was in, and that just as the ark served as the door to safety from the destruction of the flood, Jesus is our door to eternal life with God.

As we headed back to our car, we spotted my friend Jenna, who lives nearby and now works at the ark, answering questions from visitors about the exhibits.

“I love it,” she told us. “We ‘have church’ up there!”

If you have the opportunity, visit the Ark Encounter, and take your children! Older kids and teens can enjoy many of the exhibits inside; with younger ones you’ll probably need to keep moving and pass up taking in all the information that’s available.

But that just means you’ll want to go back again.


– Diane

11 Responses to ““Thinking Bigger” at the Ark Encounter”

  1. Reply Cheryl

    Thanks for the pictures and account of your visit. We visited the Ark Encounter in May with grandchildren – educational and experiential at every level. Highly recommend this marvel!

  2. Reply Christine Smyth

    We just went last week with Daniel, Becky and our granddaughters. The size was amazing to me as were the things you mentioned. I loved seeing something in person that I have read about all my life! And another cool thing-when we visited the zoo there, we could see a baby kangaroo tail sticking out of it’s mother’s pouch. Have never seen that before!

    • Reply Diane Stortz

      We only did the ark because Ed has some trouble walking. I’d like to go back again and take the grandboys. I love your thought about “seeing something in person I’ve read about all my life,” and it just hit me that’s what heaven will be like!

      • Reply Grandma Cece

        Wonderful reply to Christine Smyth’s comment! Sharing this with my church family!!

  3. Reply Grandma Cece

    So glad you shared your “Ark experience”!! I want to go and feel the spirit of the Old Testament surround me and Noah’s faith renew me as stated in Hebrew’s 11. I will surely share this family and church family and try to promote a “field trip” for the seniors in our church! Thanks, Diane!

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