I AM: The Names of God for Little Ones (June 2018 Giveaway)

Launch day for I AM: The Names of God for Little Ones is getting close—Tuesday, June 26—so it’s time to start celebrating with a giveaway!

I’ll be choosing five different winners at random.

Three will receive a signed copy of the new book.

One will receive a set of all three I AM booksI AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God, the I AM Devotional, and the new book for toddlers and preschoolers.

And one winner will receive a copy of the new book plus this set of 6 laminated placemats made by Shutterfly based on content from book!

My grandsons loved theirs!

To enter, just comment “I’d like to win” below this post between now and Tuesday night. Entries will close at 11:59 EDT Tuesday night, June 26. I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, June 27, on my Facebook page, Diane Stortz Books. Open to residents of continental US and Canada only.

Thanks for helping me send the newest I AM book out into the world!

– Diane

50 Responses to “I AM: The Names of God for Little Ones (June 2018 Giveaway)”

  1. Reply Maryann

    I’d like to win! Congratulations on your new bpok. I love the placemats! What great conversation starters for meal times!

  2. Reply Sabrina Harris

    I’d like to win!

    Your grandsons are great marketers!

    God bless you and your precious family and ministry.

  3. Reply KarenM

    I’d like to win! I have three great grand babies who would love them?

  4. Reply Dawn

    I would like to win! So would my children. ? You have beautiful grandsons. ?

  5. Reply Rhea Dikeman

    I’d like to win!
    Sounds like a great thing for my grandsons. I see your grandchildren are enjoying them.

  6. Reply Janet Estridge

    I’d like to win.
    I have a Great-Grand-daughter who would like for me to win too.

  7. Reply Sharon Miller

    I’d like/love to win these for my grandchildren, who need to hear about Jesus!

  8. Reply Sandra McComb

    I’d like to win! I have 2 brand new nieces and would love to start the tradition of gifting new family members with this book!

  9. Reply Shirley Gravely

    I’d like to win! This would be a wonderful Christmas present for all of my grandchildren!

  10. Reply Renae Goddard

    I’d like to win! I have not read your books yet, but would love to start with this one.

  11. Reply Stephanie Andrew

    I would love to read your book to Logan and Warren to teach them about Jesus like my mom read to me!

  12. Reply Christine Smyth

    I d like to win! My granddaughters have the I Am book and would love the placemats to go with it!

  13. Reply Amy Jo Medaris

    I’d like to win! I would love to share all of this with my daughter and grandson.

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